my REAL wall - 04 September 2011

As September is here, this may be one of the last REAL walls you will see on this particular wall as me and Elena are moving house!

We've been extremely busy with projects and work and now house moving, so please excuse the delay in putting up all your splendid work. And of course there was carnival last week...

Today sees posts from some of our old favourites. including Mim and Katerina, Girlzootzilla, JJAlltheway and Ammy from Singapore! We've got some great letters on there (Thanks Ammy and Mim, it's great to hear from you in depth every time).

Girlzoot's piece is really appropriate. A wall with "How are you" written on it, which reminded her of my REAL wall.

Right now I'm loving the contributions from The Keep Writing project, which are always little packets of magic. As soon as I get a spare moment I'll try and reply to these as well as the numerous other projects I have on! Excellent story and picture about libraries, a subject close to my heart :-)

Also honourable mentions have to go out to my Canadian Secret Admirer (eek!) and Molly from Australia. Sorry you both had to wait so long for me to post!


can i say you have the most AMAZING blog i have seen!!!


Thanks aj.posts! Glad you like it and hope I can see your post up on my REAL wall soon :-)


Thanks Marina! I've got a few more pics to come of walls in that old house. We moved out this weekend, so from next week you'll be seeing new REAL walls up on my new REAL walls! :-)

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