REAL to Real

Earlier this week I heard about a new social network that really tickled me. Called Real, the physical network, this new social network can be found at

So what makes it different from other social networks, you may be wondering. Well Real is a project sponsored by Royal Mail which gives a select few people some wall space in a premium location in London. All that the people have to do is send in Real part to fill that wall space.

It's a real wall to be filled with real post. Sound familiar?

Anyway, i'm not bitter, even about the bit where they say they're the first social network as I applaud any effort to connect people, especially using post, and i'm throwing my full story behind the project.

I've been given a plot to fill, plot 45, and the lovely full at Real have sent me a welcome pack, complete with lots odd awesome pre-paid envelopes. I have some ideas and will probably ask for your help to full my plot, so watch this space!

I'll get started on my first pieces for the plot tonight. In the meantime, I decided to take all the part out into the real world, so here is the contents of my inbox on the tube between Hammersmith and Goldhawk Road. I think it all looks very happy there.

if you want to help new full btu plot and show London what postal social networking is really all about, drop me a line!