my REAL wall - Feb 26, 2009

my REAL wall - Feb 26, 2009, originally uploaded by andytgeezer.

New post from Panda Jenn and self-plugging and new glasses trial functionality added. Click the image to go through to the fully annotated version complete with full text and artefact close-ups


Oh dear, I hope nobody's actually bored enough to read my letter, good thing that I decided to cut out the rather long and detailed section on various bowel-related illnesses at the last minute x


Hey hey - you make two good points Jenn and I must say i agonised over whether or not to post the artefacts up. You can see the whole letter on flickr and before I posted it up I thought long and hard, especially as there are injokes and all sorts of personal stuff in there.

Obviously though I had to go the whole way with it but it made me think. Although the concept of a REAL wall and REAL mail is clearly different from that other type of wall, the REAL wall seems to engender a whole lot more emotion. Your letter contained way more than a wall post in that other place and was way more personal.

Interesting to see where this public display of personal information leads I think. Looking forward to receiving more mail. Look out for my letter in response in the post Jenn, I'll write it when I get some spare time.


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