my REAL wall April 09, 2009 - Banksy art preview

This was a very strange one. I've been out the house for the last 2 days and when I came home I had post from Hungary, Poland and the UK. Most of the pieces are shown here, another wall to follow shortly.

The centrepiece of this wall though is a little special. When I opened the envelope, a card artwork signed "Mr Banksy" emerged...

What you see in the centre is printed on card with a message on the back (click the link off it to read the message text which I haven't scanned to preserve his privacy) which strongly suggests that this is indeed the big man himself. There's also a paper photocopy, also to be displayed on my next REAL wall of the day.

I've shot a couple of Banksy works and uploaded them to flickr, but the question would Banksy track me down and why?

But the proof of the matter will soon become clear. Only you, dear REAL wall fans will know if this is the REAL deal. Keep your eyes open on the REAL walls around London town, and remember you saw it here first...


I think he must have heard the radio interview you gave?


Hmmm yes possibly. Mind you I have since received another artwork, from another mysterious character. You'll see what I mean later this week...

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