my REAL wall - September 10, 2009 - Swapbots taking over

I've been in a load of postcard swaps on lately after discovering it on Girlzootzilla's blog.

Today's wall features postcards from the recent Fag swap and show me your country.

Also of note is the 2nd and 3rd pimped photos for my Pimp my photos mailart call, showing my pals Alex and Valentina pimiped by Lorraine Kwan and Dumpsterdiversanonymous and a #mailart piece from @celci which arrived nearly 2 months after it was postmarked!

Also featuring post from Obviousfront and origami from Elena, who is rapidly turning into a mailartist.


I never get tired of coming over here and glorying in all the cool stuff on the wall.

I really must send you a postcard soon.


Wondering if you ever received my postcard Girlzootzilla?

Post a comment on my non-REAL wall below