my REAL wall - A blast from the past

It's been just over 2 years since my REAL wall started, as nothing more than a blank wall above my clothes drying radiator in a small room I lived in on the other side of Shepherds Bush.

2 years on, I wanted to recreate the "glory" days and so I hung some cruds and socks up on my new radiator and put my received postcards up. It's just like the old days.

Ahhh that brings me back....


The bird drawing "puzzles" are spectacular!


cruds! woo!!

They look much more up-market than the originals though, Elena's done well ;)


Karen those puzzle pieces are brilliant aren't they! They are the trademark style of a Turkish mail artist called Ahet Demir. I am thrilled to have them!

As for the crude L-plate, Elena actually took drastic action and took all the old ones out and threw them away. They were antiques I tell you. Collectors items I reckon after their multiple appearances on my REAL wall. She may have had a point though...

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