your REAL wall - Boo Cartledge: My REAL tree

your REAL tree - Boo Cartledge 2

Boo Cartledge recently sent me a message to tell me that she had put up a REAL tree, inspired by my REAL wall in Louiseville, Kentucky. And here it is in all it's glory!

Mary Cartledge is one of my very earliest mailart contributors to this blog, and just recently she sent me a comment from Louisville, Kentucky to tell me that she and her dog Koko had posted up a REAL tree on her blog.

your REAL tree - Boo Cartledge

Apparently Koko is delighted to have the new addition in the house and Mary will be adding more postcard leaves to the tree as time goes on.

Looking very closely I spotted one of my postcards in there, so this immediately qualifies as a your REAL wall! There are some other great contributions in there as well, from Dosanko Debbie, David Berube and Dumpsterdiver among the ones I recognise too. Keep em coming Boo!

The original post with these pics is at


I suppose you could call this Boo's arboREAL wall...

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